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Packaged EcoMix Firewood in Bags

With FREE Delivery* to most parts of the Hastings.  All top quality Australian hardwood timbers used (but not limited to) include Ironbark, Bloodwood, Blackbutt and other suitable Eucalyptus varieties.  All timber used for firewood is suitably aged before packaging and delivery.

15kg Bag of split firewood includes small bundle of kindling  $10.00 per bag.

Seasoned Split EcoMix Firewood

We supply seasoned, split firewood that is dry and ready to burn. Delivery of loose loads is available to limited areas. Charges for delivery may apply*. Stacking available by request*, additional charges apply. Delivery to most residential properties and commercial business locations in the Port Macquarie/ Hastings region.

All seasoned and split hardwood logs are suitable to burn, including (but not limited to) Ironbark, Bloodwood, Blackbutt and other suitable Eucalyptus varieties.

Firewood heat is directly proportionate to the density of the timber; the denser the timber, the hotter and longer it burns. As ironbark is a naturally hard and dense timber, it’s an excellent and popular choice of firewood. Seasoned Hardwood Logs are split and ready to burn!

Available for same day or next day delivery:
Order per cubic metre*.
$90.00 per cubic metre.
*Delivery charges may apply.
*Stacking service available at $30 per metre.
*Measured and loaded with a half metre bucket loader.

Firewood for wood fired ovens/ premium firewood for restaurant or home use

We can supply packaged or bulk firewood for private or commercial use in wood fired ovens.
Larger pieces are available on request.

If you would like to purchase mulch or firewood,
please send us a message.


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