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Travel Towers are arguably the most versatile elevated work platforms. Fit for the open road yet still great for awkward spaces and tight site envelopes, they offer large working loads and safe and stable platform bases.

Little wonder, then, that they are one of the most popular piece of equipment. While non-insulated travel towers tend to be larger and able to handle heavier loads, the key difference is that insulated travel towers offer protection against electric shock. They are designed so that key operating parts are covered in non-conductive protective materials.

Insulated travel towers are designed for use in situations where the basket or tower is likely to come into contact with live electrical wires. Insulation, in this case, refers to material used in the construction of the travel tower to protect against the risk of electric shock. The insulation is applied to the lifting arm of the travel tower as well as the basket.

Woodvale Tree Services insulated travel tower has insulation ratings from 5 to 132 kV, meaning they can offer protection to our workers when operating close to power lines, cables and other conductive materials. The insulated travel tower has a basket capacity of up to 270kg and feature reversing alarms, multiple flashing beacons and cameras, for increased manoeuvrability and safety when working on site.

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