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Artificial nest boxes (Fauna Boxes), particularly in urban and rural areas, provide shelter and nesting sites for Australian bats, birds, bees and arboreal animals. Nest box trials in backyards, public areas and on farms have led to a range of designs for wildlife dependent on tree hollows to survive.

The importance of tree hollows to wildlife

Tree hollows are part of the natural ecosystem and are a valuable resource for our native wildlife.

Number of species that use tree hollows for nesting, protection from predators, shelter and roosting:
0 verterbrate species
It is approximately 15 percent of Australia’s endemic and introduced terrestrial vertebrates

Among these are arboreal and terrestrial mammals, birds (nearly 90 percent of parrots) and more than half of Australia’s microbat population.

Eucalypt forests with large remnants contain the greatest number of hollow-bearing trees and possibly the highest number of hollow-dependent fauna. The rate of hollow formation is dependent on the species of tree and its history (termite and fungi attack, burnt out by fire), which predisposes the tree to the shedding of branches and decay. As a general guide, suitable hollows take at least 100 years to form in eucalypts.

Artificial nest boxes can substitute for tree hollows, providing arboreal species with nesting and roosting sites. Species such as the lorikeet have adapted well to urban areas through the use of artificial nest boxes. Birds, possums, gliders, bats and reptiles readily accept man-made nest boxes and use them in urban residential properties, public parks and farm forestry plantations.

The benefits of artificial nest boxes include biodiversity enhancement and greater understanding of urban wildlife. Nest boxes provide an opportunity to monitor fauna that is otherwise difficult to study. The presence of the wildlife is also an invaluable education tool.

Why choose Woodvale Tree Services Pty. Ltd. for Fauna Boxes?

We have been fortunate enough to work alongside leading Ecologists and National Government approved companies.

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of professional installation
0 Fauna Boxes
fitted for Thiess who are overseeing construction of parts of the Pacific Highway
0 Fauna Boxes
fitted for Total Earth Care on the Pacific Highway
  • Installing rope bridge and fauna crossing recording equipment. Removal and replacement of camera SD cards (ongoing project since 2007).
  • Billabong Wildlife Park and Zoo install and monitor 20 selected hardwood Fauna Boxes.
  • Preferred supplier of hardwood Fauna Boxes to Port Macquarie Hastings Council.
  • Jason Berrigan – Ecologist – Prefered supplier of hardwood Fauna Boxes for development sites around Hastings Region.
  • Ben Lewis – Ecologist – prefered supplier and ongoing maintenance for Fauna Boxes on the Pacific Highway upgrade.

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